Peak Experience Parenting

Peak Experiences are sudden FEELINGS of INTENSE HAPPINESS and WELL-BEING. They are moments when you feel more at ONE WITH YOURSELF and the world. Abraham Maslow, 1959

What Can a Parent Coach Do for You?

My goal is to help you PARENT WITH EASE. I do this by helping you CUSTOMIZE a  parenting solution for you and for each one of your children. You deserve a customized plan that falls in line with your values and is tailored to your child. Specifically, I will help you to do the following:

  • Gain tools to minimize challenges and maximize joy.
  • Discover your parenting style and your child’s learning style.
  • Discover ways to support the the day to day aspects of your life
  • Take care of yourself so that you have more to give as a parent.
  • Learn how to navigate technology and gadgets for your’s child’s optimal development.
  • Tune into your values, and be authentic in your parenting.

I work with all families and have special experience with families who are globally mobile or are in intercultural relations. When partners are raised in different cultures, they face unique parenting challenges. I help parents foster an awareness and appreciation of each other’s cultural differences so you can raise your children in a way that brings true authenticity and fulfillment to each member of the family. Call me today so you may parent with ease.

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I worked with Nita a year ago and I am still experiencing ‘Peak Experiences’ with my children, spending time with them daily and feeling so much joy and happiness. Thank you Nita for making this a reality for me. — Mother of three, Bangalore